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GQ Petro LLC provides procurement solutions of the major equipment and consumables in exploration and production fields to our global customers. With strong local network, advanced purchase ideas and procurement management experience, we help you figure out the best and optimized plans.

  • Mud pump expendables
  • Fluid end expendables
  • Casing, tubing, drill pipes
  • Wellhead, valves, swivels and surface manifolds
  • Top drive service loops, marine cables
  • Engine & compressor parts
  • Electrical supplies
  • Drilling / completion additives

The team consists of world class experts and consultants in accounting, laws, engineering, technology and M&A, enabling us to provide both technical and business trainings in the forefront of industry. We also offer market research and analysis to help you identify customers and enter new markets.

  • Drilling optimization in unconventional formations
  • Data acquisition, integration, analysis and management
  • EOR (enhanced oil recovery solutions of CO2, chemicals)
  • Health, safety and environment training
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Geopolitics / market consulting

We also invest and trade commodities in the US and China. We are actively looking for sources of green grade pet coke from Mid-Continent Oil Field and Bakken formation. Please contact us for more details.